Sunday, 30 June 2013

A whole lotta walking

There's a whole lot of walking going on -- but there's not much else.

June's totals:

Walking: 85.41 miles (subject to change later today).
Cycling: 24.42 miles (That's just one cycling session!)

Although there was a leisure ride I didn't include that was about eight, ten miles, but it was a family ride filled with discovery, but the question remains

Why am I not cycling?

The British early mornings don't look appealing, something that I need to stop using as an excuse, sometimes at five am the mornings don't! Yet when I'm still laying around in bed and it's seven am and the sun is shining through the window, I'm laying there thinking ..Damn!

Holiday luggage

To my surprise, I managed to head to the beach without piling on too many pounds, kilograms, ounces or stones (and shells!). I think I swayed upwards of one, which I was swaying right before I left. So how do you go on holiday, not worry about what you eat without putting on weight?

Spend an hour walking, or two, whatever it is, just have a section of the day where movement is the sole purpose, and really, what's more relaxing than walking along the beach whilst the waves are licking your feet?

Seems like too much hassle? You're on holiday to relax not to work out and worry! Yeah, yeah, that's great, and if you've earned the relaxation, go for it and worry about things when you come back, but there's nothing like trying maintenance as a test for a week, no matter what stage of weight-loss you're in.

I pigged out, I ate chips, battered sausages, ate ice creams the whole lot but I planned the day that the morning would be 'movement' and the afternoon would be sitting on my ass, and it was enjoyable.

Oh well, June out!

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