Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Healthy diet

Recently I’ve read “What to eat” by Nina Planck, I wanted to read something to subsidise my weight-loss mentally, and psychologically I benefit from reading, so when I chose a book to read I tried to look at what every other weight-losing person was reading. 

I found “Fit for life” was popular, but for some reason I just couldn’t get into it, it bored me, Sugar Nation is another one I plan to read, but “What to eat” by Nina Planck sucked me in straight away, it wasn’t just well-written, it was informative, eye-opening and has completely changed the way I look at food.

The misconceptions surrounding weight loss or just healthy eating are rife, they’ll tell you to:

  •  Eat less fat
  •  Eat less meat
  •  Avoid saturated fats at all costs (even if the cost is eating more trans fat instead)
  •  Don’t eat eggs they’re bad.

This is wrong advice

Yet the list above forms the staple for what a large portion of people think is healthy eating.

Natural fat is part of a healthy balanced diet, fat can even help weight-loss, but many people think to lose fat they have to avoid fat. The human body (in particular females) is designed to hold fat, alright some of us (We know who we are!) are holding a little too much fat, but the type of fat we eat alters the performance of our fat cells, partially hydrogenated, trans fat isn’t natural, often found in ‘low-fat’ foods will cause weight-gain, where as eating saturated fats is more likely to induce weight-loss with a range of other healthy benefits including helping the digestion of nutrients.
The advice most health bodies are giving out for saturated fats, and cholesterol are based on flawed studies, or they seem to miss the important research that’s being carried out and focus on head-line spinning phrases to help fight the obesity epidemic.

http://www.second-opinions.co.uk/ is a fantastic website, perhaps one of the best I have seen that’s giving fresh, balanced and accurate information on what should form a healthy diet.

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