Friday, 5 July 2013

British Summer time

Summer is finally here in ol' Blighty (Is it? Is it really!) well it's here for a week at least, we can't hope for much more than that. I hate to be the naysayer of good weather but this Summer anybody who has commented on the change-able glorious weather has always ended their praise in for now.

So, for now the sun is shining, and my legs have been furiously pedaling, but wherever my wheels revolve it has to be without traffic.

Is it just me or have car drivers no anticipation for the fact warm weather brings out cyclists in droves? Instead of looking for cyclists, they seem to stop completely.

Alas, fifteen miles completed today, I'm fortunate I live where there's plenty of off road leisure tracks, yet even they can get busy and other cyclists show no awareness for anybody behind, (pedestrians  generally don't, but if you're cycling around pedestrians, you have to expect that).

 I cycle to a few simple rules --

  1. I cycle like I would drive, that means I'm on cycle paths, I stick to the left constantly. 
  2. I overtake on the right.
  3. I always look behind before I move anywhere.
  4. If indicating will help/avoid someone stopping/having to slow down, no matter how silly it looks. I'll indicate on a cycle path.

Some days cycling just feels more stressful than relaxing.

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